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BLANCO’s New ONE™ Sink Collection

BLANCO debuts a new customizable sink collection for 2014 and I finally had the chance to pour over the specifications and details this week.

The ONE™ Sink is a collection of three sinks and five accessory kits so that you can create your own customizable workstation. BLANCO has done a lot of research into generational demographics with sink. Individualization of every item in the kitchen isn’t necessarily the top request in designs I do for Baby Boomers, but it is certainly more prevalent in the coming generations, who have grown up with the idea.

By far, the biggest design trend that connects with both consumers and designers is the idea of individualization. We have so many options in front of us each day–we truly believe that there is one product, made just for us and for our life. That is the inspiration for ONE. It’s a sink that lets you customize the features to create a personal workstation.–Tim Maicher, Director of Marketing for BLANCO

BLANCO has kept it simple: select a sink and add toys. The sinks are single 27 in. wide, medium single 33 in. wide, and super single (which is also 33 in. wide, but is a different design).  Also, each bowl is 9 in. deep — thank you on behalf of us vertically challenged folks who find lifting a roasting pan from anything deeper to be a real challenge. The kits number from #1-5 for the biggest sink and #1-4 for the other two and include the sink and the accessories. There is also the option of purchasing everything à la carte. EDITED TO ADD: Just like restaurants, there is a savings benefit to ordering the kits.

There’s a cutlery/knife holder aka the workstation:

BLANCO 441643

Kit #2: BLANCO ONE™ Super Single Bowl #441643 “Safety” with grid and workstation.

Or you can forgo the grid and select the sink with the cutting board and workstation.

BLANCO 441637 with the Culinary accessory kit

Kit #4: BLANCO ONE™ Super Single Bowl #441637 “Culinary” with workstation and cutting board and without the grid.

Or you can select the medium sink with my favorite: the magnetic sink caddy. I’m so tired of figuring out an easy-to-reach place for the cleaning sponges!

Kit #1: BLANCO ONE™ #441629

Kit #1: BLANCO ONE™ Medium Bowl #441629 “Organized” with magnetic sink caddy and grid

One of the details to note is that each sink bowl has its own kits and numbers, which means it’ll be very important to double- and triple-check those specification numbers prior to ordering.

So I have two questions to put to you:

  1. Do you think this is something you’d want to add to your kitchen, or to your clients’ kitchens?
  2. Would you have wanted double sinks or are you happy with the selection of single sinks?

Let me know in the comments.

Until next time,




Disclosure: I am a member of the BLANCO Design Council. This means the hard-working BLANCO folks ask for my input (and yours) and actually listen, which is a marvelous thing. In return, I gain insight into the behind-the-scenes design and creation of products. I am not compensated in any way for this post.

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