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Why I write

This is why:

Your post (Turkey in 80 Minutes) and the comments have given me the courage to try the convection setting on our new oven. I made the cranberry sauce tonight with extra wine to cut the sweetness. It is the best I’ve ever tasted. Thank you! – Kathy

This (and other comments) makes up for the weekends when others are out enjoying and I’m writing, or when it’s been a long, long week at the day job and all I want to do is grab a hot cup of tea and stare at the wall.Writing posts takes work. Thinking up new articles to educate and share, especially since I’ve been doing between 2-5 articles for almost 6 years now, isn’t easy. I don’t have advertising and I don’t endorse anything I wouldn’t use in my own home. When I first started a blog, it was a way to help others who didn’t have access to designers. It’s my way to share with all of you, and every comment where a reader tried something or saved a bunch of mistakes because of a post is especially sweet.

To be clear, this isn’t a post to guilt you into commenting; we’re all adults. It’s more of a reason to be thankful this season. Thank you all for reading.

Until next time,




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