Final Countdown to NY: Days 3 and 4

So I had such high hopes of doing two separate posts but with the day job and various “getting ready” chores, I lost some time.


So on day 3 (that would be next Friday), we get the morning off.

I am heartened to discover that the weather will be mild and in the ‘60s so I can put away the thermal underwear. Okay, I’m joking but only slightly. Anything below 75F (24C) is chilly for me. Feel free to laugh at me – I do!)

Native New Yorker Amy Dragoo of ABCD Designs has kindly volunteered to host a curated tour of Soho in the afternoon. Although the goal might be to see the former artists enclave and all the trendy boutiques, this is also an area of lower Manhattan that allegedly has the most cast-iron buildings in the world so while everyone might be looking in the buildings, I’ll be looking up!


We’ll be visiting the Jonathan Adler showroom while we’re there (he of the “happy chic” design, judge in the Bravo series, Top Design, and various other design collaborations).

The evening is yet another round of cocktails at Vitra and Axor showrooms in the Meatpacking District before off to…who knows? ;)  One really doesn’t sleep much at design shows…



Apparently the day plans are top-secret and we’re only told to bring our cameras.

The evening is ANOTHER cocktail and dinner party at luxury furniture showroom BDDW in Soho, and hosted by the organizers of the Architectural Digest Show.


I leave tomorrow at o-dark-thirty where I’ll meet another of my design blogger compatriots, CecyJ, at SFO which will be a nice way to pass the time as we head to New York.

During that time, I’ll be posting live from the show. I’ll also be uploading photos on Facebook and Twitter (@kitchen_sync). If you’re looking for twitter feeds for the show, look for the hashtag: #ADHomeShow or #ADShow2012.

Be good while I’m gone.


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