Looking for some design help? Let me help you avoid the costliest errors, spot details that most books won’t teach you, and make it easier and less stressful to work with your own contractors, designers, or architects. Check out the following books and e-books that’ll help you design like a pro. (Notice: If you use these links, I receive a small fee.)



“I don’t know where to start! My 40-year-old kitchen is worn out, but we’re not planning on staying in this home forever and a full remodel is out of the question. What are my options? What’s the best bang for my buck?”

Sound familiar?

Whether this is your “just until the kids finish grade/high school” home or your “just until we retire” home, you’re looking for the best options to update your kitchen within a budget that works for you.

What are the first steps? Which projects offer the most satisfaction and which projects can spiral out of control? Most importantly, what are the best kitchen updates for enticing future home buyers?

Kitchen Savvy is brimming with examples of homeowner scenarios to inspire your own journey to a renewed kitchen. Let Certified Master Kitchen and Bath Designer, Kelly Morisseau, help you successfully navigate your next budget-conscious kitchen remodel.


• Make smart planning choices while learning what each step costs
• Spot which projects affect others and how they will alter your budget
• Search and vet the right professional help if you’re not a DIYer (and even if you are!)
• Identify what future homebuyers seek in kitchens to maximize your investment

NOTE: There are no interior photos or artwork within this book.


While kitchen design can be fun and exciting, it has also become an extremely customized field where mistakes can be costly.  In this short 51-page e-book, I’ve gathered together some of my most popular kitchen questions asked by readers like you:

“How can I get design help with a small project?”

“Kitchen design for Left-handers?”

“Painted Cabinets – MDF or wood?”

“Which appliances should I use for small kitchen luxury?”

“Can I vary the size of cabinet handles on my doors and drawers?”

“How high should I hang pendant lights over my island?”

And more.




Packed with truly insider kitchen design secrets and remodeling tips share in a humorous, realistic way, Kelly’s Kitchen Sync has answers to questions you didn’t know you should ask. Don’t let your project get bogged down by your own horror story!  Let Kelly help you get it done right, on time, and on budget!

“80% of consumers want to redo their kitchens.” – Kitchen and Bath Design News

And most of them will want to pull their hair out at some point in the process. Appliances or cabinets don’t fit or open right…the sink is so tight that the faucet gets a wedgie…the floor or walls aren’t straight or plumb…the range hood is a head-banger…your contractor forgot to ask you about…everything!




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