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Budget vs. reality

Lately, I’ve discovered that many of you have eyes bigger than your pocketbooks! *laughing*

Typical conversation:

Homeowner: “I only have xxx amount to spend. I want to redo my kitchen.”

Me: “That sounds wonderful and yes, it’s do-able. Let me pull something together and give you the investment ranges.”

Homeowner: “Oh, and we want to redo the windows in the living room, the front door, the flooring in the kids room, and new lighting in the office. Can you do that?”

Me: “Sure.  Here’s the price.”

Homeowner: “Hey, wait a minute. I told you I only had xxx to spend!”

Custom drawers

While these custom drawers are utter gorgeous, do you really need furniture quality inside your kitchen cabinets, especially when they can be up to 4 times more costly than plain drawers? For some,it’s an important detail, for most, it’s not.

I completely understand. It’s easy to get excited in the thrill of the moment, and as my designer mother says, “Houses are so ungrateful. You get one part done and then another part calls out to you wanting to be done as well.”

It’s like coming into the grocery store to pick up meat and potatoes for dinner, and starving homeowner ends up with an additional hundred dollars worth of chips, salsas, and a couple  bottles of wine.

Except for some reason, when said homeowner sees the final tally at a grocery store, he or she either puts back some things and/or pays for the entire cart. No one glowers at the cashier and waits for her to say, “Oh, right. Let me give you all these items for the same cost as the meat and potatoes.”

If you have a budget, that’s great. Pros can work with a budget. I like to know so I can help you figure out what the best bang for your buck can be. But before you visit any pro, know exactly what you are planning to spend, and if you want to see what other things cost, that’s wonderful. That’s why we do our due diligence before we start the project in order to find out the costs, and see what is available.

If you know you’re getting above your comfort level in spending, say so early on. Save yourself and your pros time in researching items you’re not planning to buy. You and your budget will thank you.

Until next time,



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