The New Colors of Cambria

I’ve just seen the new Cambria colors in person thanks to our efficient new Cambria rep. and I think they’ve got some winners on their hands. The names and notes can be found like the rest of my posts –hold your mouse over each color. Clicking on them will take you to the larger sample on the Cambria website:

1) They’ve discovered a way to add movement. 

One of the biggest knocks on quartz in my area is that some people prefer the movement and flow of granite compared to the chip-like quality of quartz. Here you go: the photos really don’t do them justice.

Lincolnshire (tm) - this is a rich mocha with some nice movement and hints of caramel. Hmmm. Now I'm hungry.   Windemere (tm) - a lot to like about this color.  It fits in with the rising trends noted below. It's also not as green as shown here. Could see this with a white or cream cabinet.

2) The color choices are tying in with some rising color trends.

There are a lot of mushrooms, creams, and taupes making their way back into residential.The mushrooms and taupes are a trickle down from the higher-end design we’ve been seeing the last few years.

Collybrooke (tm) - this is looking a bit flat in the photo, but it has some lighter camel highlights in real life.    Minera (tm) - one of my favorites - it has taupes that vary from light beige to gray. Would go with everything from dark platinum tones to moss. Very versatile.

3) For the architectural and contemporary market who aren’t into movement:

Greystone (tm) - this is a stunner. Fits in with the cape cod blues and the cool taupes and the platinum greys.   White Cliff (tm) - this one is white WHITE.  

4) Blue. Like “Blue Eyes” granite.

There are quite a few new ones that have that peacock blue iridescent flecks we see in the more expensive granites. Granted, they aren't the large flecks we see in granite slabs, but if you love blue, these will make you a very happy camper.

Parys (tm) - with the gray grounding color, this goes wonderfully with the lighter grays and mushrooms   Charston (tm) - they should have named this sample "Starry, starry Night" Very pretty under the lighting

4) They will now have 83 colors. All of them are the same price. Those of you who specify on a regular basis appreciate this – hard enough to gather a project together without having to re-price the counters every time the client changes his or her mind.

There are two reasons why I’d recommend Cambria. One is that the colors have a depth that other quartz counters don’t. The other is that their quality control is very good — the particulates are fairly consistent whereas I have noted size variation in others. (Why yes, I do notice those things – so do some of my clients.)

My only recommendation is that I wish Cambria would come up with a display center that fit them all – currently it only holds about 1/3rd of the 83 colors. (Such a problem, I know.)

They won’t be available until November, so those of you planning a project with quartz counters might want to wait. In the meantime, the colors are on the Cambria website here.

What do you think?

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