Spot the Kitchen Errors #8

Spot Errors #8

It’s time for another round of “Spot the Kitchen Errors”.  *rubs hands together* For those of you new to my website, I post a kitchen and then you all try to see what you know of kitchen design to discover where it all went wrong. Take a look at this beauty. From my experience, I’d […]

A Reader Asks: What is the correct size for cabinet handles?


What is the best size for cabinet handles? One seems a bit small on a wide drawer. Knobs don’t look good either. Thoughts? -S. My first thought is, “Whatever handle is comfortable to use”, but I know you’re looking for a bit more than that. *smile*  So let’s talk two priorities: grip and scale. Will […]

A Reader Asks: Ovens next to Refrigerator?

There should be at least 3" of filler between the refrigerator and microwave (or the m/w cabinet should be wider). In this case, it's not the refrigerator door you need to be concerned with; it's the m/w door.

Last week, I had a comment from a week that I thought would be a good topic for today: Kelly, I have heard, when planning a kitchen, it’s wise not to put the refrigerator next to the built-in ovens because the heat from the ovens can make the refrigerator have to work harder. And yet […]

A Reader Asks: Scratch-resistant electric cooktop?

Hi Kelly, We have a 30″ GE electric stove (the house has no gas) from around 1976. It uses coils on the porcelain top. I would like to get a new range with a smooth surface top. From my reading, it doesn’t matter what brand, they all scratch very easily and take a lot of […]

Answers: Spot the Kitchen Errors – Design Star Episode, Season 7

Once again, you came through in the comments. Thank you all for your thoughts, and you’re all right: that island is dangerously oversized for this kitchen. (Error #1) Here are the reasons why: Layout errors #1, 2, and 3: The island is too big I doubt very much that the dishwasher door would open (error […]

Spot the Kitchen Errors: Design Star Episode, Season 7

HGTV’s Design Star, Season 7, has started. The designers’ goal was to create something that would photograph well so it could appear in HGTV’s magazine. This is NOT the winning entry but I thought would make an excellent learning example for “Spot the Kitchen Errors”. Photo Credits: HGTV Design Star. Kitchen by Mikel Welch and […]