Spot the Kitchen Errors #9: The Answers

Spot Errors #9: the answers

In our last “A Reader Asks #9“, I showed this photo and asked you to list what was wrong: Here’s a quick breakdown: It’s all about scale…and this kitchen doesn’t have it When every material has proportions that are in line with the other materials, the result is a pleasing composition. When one or more […]

Spot the Kitchen Errors #9

Spot Errors #9: the answers

I actually discovered this poor kitchen at the same time as Errors #8 but held off until now.  Here it is: Surprisingly, there are few functional problems but what do YOU think works or doesn’t work in this kitchen? I’ll start: Holy stacking crown mold, Batman! Please like & share:

A Reader Asks: Looking for a bathroom vanity

Napa Console  Photo Credit: Pottery Barn

Found your old blog about the resistance in soft close drawers and cabinets doors. I too have severe problems with my hands, and am having trouble finding a new vanity without ANY resistance. Other issues are 18″ depth, and either 39″ or 42″ with the sink on the right, not centered.  Any ideas appreciated. – […]

Spot the Kitchen Errors #8: The Answers

Spot Errors #8

My apologies for the late post — busy week!  Okay, in our last episode of “Spot the Kitchen Errors #8″, we had this kitchen: Here we go: Error #1 (Function) – How do wall cabinets open beside an angled wall hood? Answer: They don’t. How about the wall cabinets adjacent to the Hood: the doors […]

Spot the Kitchen Errors #8

Spot Errors #8

It’s time for another round of “Spot the Kitchen Errors”.  *rubs hands together* For those of you new to my website, I post a kitchen and then you all try to see what you know of kitchen design to discover where it all went wrong. Take a look at this beauty. From my experience, I’d […]

A Reader Asks: What is the correct size for cabinet handles?


What is the best size for cabinet handles? One seems a bit small on a wide drawer. Knobs don’t look good either. Thoughts? -S. My first thought is, “Whatever handle is comfortable to use”, but I know you’re looking for a bit more than that. *smile*  So let’s talk two priorities: grip and scale. Will […]