Spot the Kitchen Errors #10

It occurs to me that I’ve been sharing tips for about 6 years now. Sometimes I wonder if I sound like a broken record, “Read your specs! Double-check everything! Take your vitamins!”  Seems awfully….boring. *grin* Must be time for another Spot the Kitchen Errors #10… This should be easy for long-term readers. For those of […]

A Reader Asks: Cabinet handle size?

…I’ve been making decisions pretty quickly and easily after reading about whatever it is that is the current decision.  I’ve stumbled now toward the end on something I thought would be easy — cabinet hardware.… two large cabinet doors 18″ wide by 62″ high. nestled one side of refrigerator is the pantry and on the […]

A Reader Asks: A stool for the sink?

Let’s get back to design. A reader contacted me a while back about an old lowered sink: I found your blog while trying to find out some information concerning an old farmhouse kitchen sink that is installed in our cabin. We recently purchased the cabin, which was in much need of some TLC. The cabin […]

Spot the Kitchen Errors #9: The Answers

In our last “A Reader Asks #9“, I showed this photo and asked you to list what was wrong: Here’s a quick breakdown: It’s all about scale…and this kitchen doesn’t have it When every material has proportions that are in line with the other materials, the result is a pleasing composition. When one or more […]

Spot the Kitchen Errors #9

I actually discovered this poor kitchen at the same time as Errors #8 but held off until now.  Here it is: Surprisingly, there are few functional problems but what do YOU think works or doesn’t work in this kitchen? I’ll start: Holy stacking crown mold, Batman! Please like & share:

A Reader Asks: Looking for a bathroom vanity

Found your old blog about the resistance in soft close drawers and cabinets doors. I too have severe problems with my hands, and am having trouble finding a new vanity without ANY resistance. Other issues are 18″ depth, and either 39″ or 42″ with the sink on the right, not centered.  Any ideas appreciated. – […]