Design Life: Take Two

I apologize for the long silence. For the past year, I’ve been sole caregiver to my designer mother.  This August, she died of complications from years of smoking. For over 35 years, she dedicated her life to designing. Kitchens were always her first love and even with our busy schedules, she always found time to […]

2015 Napa Valley Designer Showhouse: the Kitchen Edition

Forgive me for being late in posting as Work has Eaten My Brain (No no, designers are rarely full of…hyperbole *cough*). I wanted to give you a glimpse into the Traditional Home 2015 Napa Valley “Revival on Rudolph Street” that I saw a few weeks ago as part of the sponsored collaboration with Zephyr.  Thanks […]

Zephyr Blogger Retreat 2015

It’s taken me a few days to recoup from my collaboration* with Zephyr last week for #ZephyrBloggerRetreat2015. I have to tell you — this is my backyard. It was completely fun to see some of the other attendees who hadn’t been to the Bay Area before. Zephyr pulled out all stops and it was fascinating […]

Off to Zephyr

So I’ve happily accepted a sponsored* invitation from Zephyr for a San Francisco Blogger Retreat November 3rd – 6th. I specify Zephyr in my design work so I know the product fairly well and have discussed the line in 2014 and 2011: (Modern Hoods for Modern Kitchens, and Zephyr’s Hot New Hoods). For those of […]

Cambria®‎ 2015 Designs and A Factory Visit

Cambria®‎ are debuting two new counters next month and are planning a bunch of launch parties to show off the two new additions to their line. For those of you just dipping into the world of counters and remodeling, Cambria® is the only family-owned, American-made producer of natural quartz surfaces. Simply put, they are engineered […]

Construction Allowances: Are yours enough?

You’re getting this topic today due to me poking into too many forums, and it’s this: Allowances that are provided by many contractors and home builders are simply not high enough to buy the materials that the homeowners want. Here’s a very typical scenario: You tell your contractor/builder of choice that you want a new […]

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