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All right, what do I have in my goodie bag for you this week?

Photo credit: KBIS

Photo credit: NKBA (via YouTube)

Heading to KBIS 2017!

Just submitted my press credentials for the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS) in Orlando, January 10-12, 2017. This is combined with International Builders’ Show (IBS) for one big mega-event. It’s going to take both the North/South Building and the West Building of the Orlando Convention center.

I remember attending when it “only” (only, hah) filled the North/South Building, which was miles and miles of exhibits. I can’t wait to see what’s new in the construction and design world, and talk shop with all my professional friends and compatriots. However, I will say, if anyone wants to lend me a scooter, I might take you up on it.


Here are a couple of interviews during my radio silence, if you’re interested. One has some photos of a recent bathroom. The clients worked with me before so gave me free rein. (Where “free rein” to me means, knowing their preferences and tastes so well and then pushing them a wee bit out of their comfort level to elevate the design. Trust is a wonderful (and honored) value for me. I don’t take it lightly.)

From Floor Coverings International:

Interview with Walnut Creek Kitchen and Bath Designer Kelly Morisseau

One of the questions:

What are your favorite design trends of 2016?

I have a couple: the growing acceptance and use of LED lighting for accent lighting, and the large-format porcelain embossed or 3D tile.

From Bottom Line Inc.:

7 Affordable Kitchen Fixups

One of the tips:

Replace underpowered bulbs and “flush mount” ceiling lights.

Insufficient lighting is a big reason why many older kitchens look dated and dingy. Hiring an electrician to install additional fixtures can cost thousands, but for a few hundred dollars you could replace the “flush mount” overhead lighting fixtures often found in older kitchens with “semi flush” fixtures. Unlike flush-mount fixtures, which position bulbs at or very near ceiling level, semi-flush fixtures extend down perhaps a foot from the ceiling. They’re generally more attractive and almost always do a better job of distributing light throughout the room.

This was interesting as I was asked to provide quick fix-ups that didn’t involve the usual “paint your cabinets and change your cabinet knobs” tips. *rubs hands together* Luckily for me (and them), over the years, I have designed in areas where stone counters and tile floors are not the norm and budgets aren’t in the higher figures.

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