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EuroCucina: Cooking Trends that Sizzle


French range manufacturer La Cornue debuted two unique items at EuroCucina this year.  First off, this stunning display in white:

EuroCucina 2014 La Cornue white range

EuroCucina 2014 La Cornue white range

Since that unit alone would take up most of the space in kitchens around here, I venture to say this one is for your mansion, castle or full-scale restaurant.  The lighting at the booth was lovely and dramatic. Up close, the white is really striking, like milk versus hospital white. However, it was the cooktop/table that I found interesting:

EuroCucina 2014  La Cornue cook top and table

EuroCucina 2014  La Cornue cook top and table

 No storage, correct, but again, this is designed for larger kitchens with plenty of storage. The electrical is probably hidden in one of the legs, but I’m not sure what a California building inspector would make of it A electrical receptacle would be needed somewhere for the cook top–the floor? the nearest post?  We also require one outlet for islands, but the rule is for fixed islands, and as this is a table rather than fixed…. Oh well, I’m having fun thinking of the imaginary discussions!

I do like the clean lines and simplicity of it. Again, there is a nod back to wrought-iron, turn-of-the-century design. That makes sense given the age of European buildings.



On the opposite end of the spectrum was Italian appliance manufacturer Smeg.  I showed you part of their booth display a few weeks back:

EuroCucina 2014 Smeg display

I hadn’t shown you their cook tops, had I? Tell me what you think of these. Instead of grills, we have bright colorful…art:

EuroCucina 2014 Smeg cooktops

Yes, they were sturdy enough to hold pots and looked like they could pop off that ring to be washed if you got something sticky on them. The painted ones looked like an easy-to-clean enamel. Whether they were a prototype or something they were debuting at the show, I don’t know, but they looked fun and were certainly gathering their share of interest from attendees.

EuroCucina 2014 Smeg cooktops

EuroCucina 2014 Smeg cooktops

European manufacturers are not afraid to view appliances as something to be artistic as well as functional. Would they suit our North American lifestyles? You tell me.

Until next time,





*As a member of BLANCO’s Design Council, BLANCO invited me to attend EuroCucina and Salone, so I’m grateful to be able to share it with you.

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