A twist on interior French doors

A French door, also called a French window,
is a door that has multiple windows ("lights") set into it for the full
length of the door. Traditional French doors are assembled from
individual small pieces of glass and mullions. These doors are also known as true divided lite French doors. The
decorative grille may also be superimposed on top of single pane of
glass in the door. – Wikipedia

(photo: This Old House)

I'm on a door binge lately, so let's continue.

A lot of my clients refer to any glass door or double door in the home as a "French" door, but it's not really  correct. For purposes of this discussion, since it's easy, let's play with the French door idea as being any door –in this case, interior doors– which have some variation of transparent center paneling.

Here's a few to get you thinking outside the box:

(or Retro, depending on how old you are. I'm going with Contemporary. *cough*)

Vogue Collection 1070    Vogue Collection 3030

Arts & Crafts/Art Deco

Vogue Collection 1050   Art Deco 434

New Classic (or Art Nouveau)

Vogue Collection 1060

All of these doors are from the Vogue Collection by Tru-stile. When I first saw them over a year ago, I kept the website close and I have a few clients with these doors in mind.

Did you notice that none of the above are painted white?  And although many of them have obscure or sand-blasted glass, here's where my mind went:

  •  One could also consider acrylic panels
    or even chalkboard instead.Wouldn't that make a statment for your walk-in
  • Keep to the obscure glass for the dining room or walk-in closet.
  • Swap the glass for mirrors and add a pair of them on a
    by-pass track to the closet bedroom.

If none of those grab you, Malibu doors also has some more options with wavy glass and exotic woods:

Beechwood- G       Rosewood 2

Imagine one of these on your home office door – lets light in and out but still gives you privacy to meet deadlines.

Speaking of which, I'm on one now, so I have to run. Have a good week!

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