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Design: It’s all about Espresso

Expresso started as a misspelling of espresso, which came to English from Italian and refers to a strong, pressure-brewed coffee. But because expresso has so often appeared in place of espresso, we can perhaps consider it a variant. And indeed, some dictionaries now list it as such. This doesn’t change the fact that many English speakers consider expresso wrong, however, and some will no doubt continue to do so no matter how common it becomes. So if you don’t want anyone to think you’re wrong, espresso is the safer choice.

It’s also worth noting that expresso is the French word for the pressure-brewed coffee, and this perhaps has had some small influence on English usage.

– via Grammarist

Okay, I may have my tongue firmly in my cheek for this one, but  I do have some news to share.


Finally, I can announce this: I’m off to Milan at the beginning of April to cover the Salone del Mobile Milano at the beginning of April.  (Supposedly, the first espresso ever brewed was brewed in Milan.)

Press pass

Press Pass, check. Address of the most glorious shopping mall in Milan, the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II? Check.

As a member of BLANCO’s Design Council, I’ll be traveling with a small group of council members Marilyn Russell of Design Magnifique, Gloria Graham-Sollecito of Kitchens for Living, and Ken and Grace Kelly of Kitchen Designs, as part of group BLANCO EuroCucina Tour. EuroCucina is the kitchen part of the show and some of the most innovative design can be found there, but oh, the furnishings and bathrooms and all will be so much fun!  Plus, you know *cough* MILAN.


Image from EuroCucina 2012



The book isn’t out yet, but I have the espresso-themed cover!

Kitchen Savvy will be for those of you who aren’t in your forever homes but the kitchen needs some help and you don’t know where to start. As the subtitle suggests, we are looking at solutions for partial kitchen remodels.

Kitchen Savvy Cover

This book came about from a friend who didn’t know what could happen if she removed a sink, or changed the counter, or fixed the floor. There can be a lot of pitfalls that I want to help you avoid, especially if this is your first time tackling your kitchen by yourself!

I don’t have a publish date yet, but will let you know!

Now I want some coffee. How about you?

Until next time,


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