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New ideas for drawers

I’ve been thinking lately of how much kitchen design has changed.

At one time, we used to be glad simply to have drawers…any drawers. Now drawers must be full-extension with soft-close hardware. Dovetailed boxes are preferred (although let you in for a little secret: dovetails are a throwback when nails were scarce and the only glue was horsehair. That is why the joints were dovetailed. It’s not a superior to newer methods and doesn’t affect openings).

Now the new luxury details are items like this–metal and glass sided drawer boxes with interior lighting and touch openings.


 I’m still waiting for the kitchen that cooks its own food, though. How about you?

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  1. I agree with what you had to say on dovetails. I do know how to make them, but I don’t use them on drawers. I have a method of making locking rabbet joints I can do on a router table easily and quickly, and with modern glues those joints will last every bit as long. Truth to tell, when I started working on our house in 1992, I didn’t have the skills I have now. My first drawers were constructed with simple butt joints, and all these years later, those drawers work just fine. I have also used Blum 230 glides throughout. They’re not as “sexy” as some of the choices available these days, but at less than five dollars a pop, they’re a choice we’ve come to like! All of our drawers continue to smoothly glide in and out of the case, even those ¾” particleboard beauties I made in 1992!

  2. home before dark says:

    Ha! Ha! In my kitchen from hell soon to be finished this year, I made the decision long ago to have only drawers. And yes, I have dovetailed, full extension, soft-close drawers with no hardware, only cutouts. Why? My husband of 39 years will retire in a year and he is not a cook but he is “in” the kitchen. He is quite possibly the only man who has broken a tortilla press with his bare hands. I didn’t want to have drawers opened and not closed. Or drawers opened and slammed shut. Or drawers that might ever so slightly been pulled out so hard that over time the screws failed on the hardware. I am building in redundancy and safeguards. There are many secrets to a long marriage! And yes, BTW, those lights in the drawer are kind of sexy.

    • Oh dear. Hope the kitchen is finished soon! I grew up with only drawers; I can’t imagine designing only cupboards and doors. So much easier to reach pots and pans when you can pull them out. I find that partners and toddlers are leading the drive for quiet, self-closing drawers. *grin* Anything for quiet.


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