Tiles that change color

Remember mood rings
that were everywhere in the 1970s? No?  Me neither. *cough*  The basic
premise was a stone that changed color as it reacted to body temperature.

Now imagine that for a glass tile as it reacts to room temperature.

Blue tile from the "Tye Dye" Collection

Purple tile from the "Tye Dye" Collection

Red tile from the "Tye Dye" collection
(Photo: Moving Color)

Now I've seen these before and can't take all the credit for digging them up again: Joshua Lurie-Terrell of the fine Hewn and Hammered website (Arts and Crafts all the time–woo!) reminded me in a post of his from February.

Moving Color is a firm based in Rocklin, California which specializes in these light- and heat-sensitive tiles.  If you click over to their website, there's some interesting photo loops showing the color changes on everything from regular field tiles to embossed glassed decos.

They've also teamed up with UltraGlas for some unique textured glass  for their UltraBloom Collection (check out the Glass Panel Wave at the left side.)

There are some designs on the website that I'm more enthused about than others; while I appreciate the artistry of the Living Art Collection, the color changes don't excite me. I can certainly see judicious amounts of the tile applied to a floor, as they did below, and the liners and decos are beautiful. The possibilities of designing some insets into a backsplash, shower, fireplace, or even perhaps a wall treatment in foyer could be intriguing.

(Photo: Moving Color)

They're not inexpensive — to order a sample is $33.00 and Joshua says the tiles are around $14.00 or so — certainly not out of the range of other high-end custom tiles would be.

I know when Moving Color says in their website that they're only hindered by our imagination, they weren't thinking of me. As I was writing the post, I kept myself amused by thinking of various applications, like watching the cat saunter across the floor leaving little reddish cat prints and announcing to guests, "Wow, he's upset! Better clear the path to the food dish!" just to see what'd happen.*

Or designing a square of the tiles in front of the refrigerator for catching dieters and cheesecake thieves. "Eric! You're the only size 11 in the house! Get over here!"

Joking aside, as humans, we're entranced by light and this reminds me of the play of light on water, or the patina on fired metals.

What do you think? Would you use it?

*I doubt there'd be enough time for the tile to react, but suppose it would depend on the animal.

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