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Too many choices? Try this tip.

It's not unusual to be paralyzed by all the selections, especially if you're remodeling an entire home....

I was reading an article about Carnival cruise lines offering a “dine any time” option to attract a younger market and provide that “options all the time your way” or something like that. Instead of embracing yet another custom option, the cruisers asked the company to reinstate the traditional meals dining. (I went to look […]

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A Reader Asks: How do designers design?

In this kitchen, I designed the wall cabinet to hide the daily-use small appliances. (©Nathanael Bennett. Do not use without permission.)

What I’m wondering is how a designer gets …info of preferences from a client who may have never thought about it before – it seems very important but perhaps under the radar? From careful observation of the client’s personal style? Maybe most aren’t aware enough of their preferences but find out too late that that […]

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Spring Design Finds 2015 and #SaveWaterTips

48 Range 2

Miele Debuts 48″ Range   The oven technology offered in the range is the same technology that Miele has been perfecting since the company introduced the built-in oven category in 1974. The oven is a fully-functioning convection oven, including features like MasterChef™ and MasterChef Plus™ with over 100 semi-automatic culinary programs and 15 fully automatic […]

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The Vault: Color and design

Yellow and white kitchen

I’ve got a few projects that are eating my brain at the moment, leaving me not much time to write. It occurred to me last week that I’ve been writing articles on this blog (or variations of it) since 2008. Eh, it’s spring (somewhere, right?) So let’s revisit some paint and colors and good stuff. […]

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Design: Do you know who to call?

4.8.14 Salone Minaccio10 (69)

If you’re hiring a contractor, an architect, a designer, or a firm of any type, find out who’s in command. You’ll need to keep that contact information handy because once your project starts, you’ll need it. If you decide to make a change in the middle (although you really shouldn’t, but it happens), do NOT […]

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Design: It’s all in the details…or is it?

BLANCO Meridian faucet

If you can’t tell how busy it is right now, a good indication is that I didn’t post last week for the first time in a long time. So what do I have for you this week? Discussion: Do homeowners really care about the small details? Pros this week were discussing finite details that make […]

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