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QOTD: “Before you renovate….”

My copy on my desk...

Where QOTD means Question of the Day instead of Quote of the Day. I have two items to share today: Can you answer this question? I’ve been asked the following: We are thinking of doing a post on Nightmare Stories that we may pitch to a magazine. The answer to the question, “Before I renovated […]

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What excites you about your remodel project?

This was a specialize corner unit to access every inch.

I’m currently mired in challenges lately: overstressed folks all around, busy schedules, and a lot of work. I was looking online for something to inspire you, and even there it’s filled with stories about projects gone wrong, and people not showing up, or whatever scare story is out there to sell ads. It’s all first-world […]

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Traditional Home Great Kitchens 2015

Great Kitchens 2015 front cover

Traditional Home Great Kitchens 2015 is out. There’s a lot of drool-worthy photos and details from the latest appliance trends to kitchens to entertaining to summertime recipes. I need to make the “Peach and Graham Upside-down Cake” (page 37 — don’t look if you haven’t eaten yet!) You also might spot yours truly: I was […]

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Designers: What NOT to do when working with trades

How to pick a remodeling company

How does the old saying go, “If it was easy, everyone would be doing it?” In this post, Construction Allowances: Are yours enough?  I was taken to task by someone who thought I’d been a bit harsh on contractors (I hadn’t meant it to be but, hey, some writer I am!) They thought I should […]

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A Reader Asks: Oak or Alder?

Photo credit: Crystal Cabinets

I am planning on painting my mid eighties kitchen cabinets.  I am aware that the oak grain will show slightly, but can accept that rather than replace cabinets that I still like.  However, the upper cabinet door are cathedral style which will scream 80″s,  My thought was that I would replace those doors before the […]

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Construction Allowances: Are yours enough?

Kelly in the Kitchen

You’re getting this topic today due to me poking into too many forums, and it’s this: Allowances that are provided by many contractors and home builders are simply not high enough to buy the materials that the homeowners want. Here’s a very typical scenario: You tell your contractor/builder of choice that you want a new […]

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