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A blast from kitchens past: 1992

Kitchen Sync Blog (2)

For those of you wondering about “timeless kitchens”,  take a look at this kitchen I designed back in 1992. It isn’t the best photo as it was shot long before the days of cell phones AND it’s now a cell phone photo of a glossy paper photo, but hopefully it’s good enough for you to […]

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Budget vs. reality

Custom drawers

Lately, I’ve discovered that many of you have eyes bigger than your pocketbooks! *laughing* Typical conversation: Homeowner: “I only have xxx amount to spend. I want to redo my kitchen.” Me: “That sounds wonderful and yes, it’s do-able. Let me pull something together and give you the investment ranges.” Homeowner: “Oh, and we want to […]

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Word of the Year: Patience

Kelly Morisseau

So this year started with a bang: lots of phone calls, lots of homeowners excited to get started. I was greeted right after New Year’s with a flurry of client emails that basically said, ‘It’s been a month since we talked last. What’s happening?” (Of course, totally forgetting that we had time off between Xmas […]

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Happy 2016 – Let’s get remodeling!

Homeowners and Safety

Welcome everyone! Glad to see you here. For all the new people that signed on over the past few months, glad to have you. I hope you’ll find something of interest here. I can’t believe it’s already 2016, but here we go. Since I have so many new readers, I thought I’d start with some […]

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What’s on your kitchen wishlist for 2016?

color 911

Holiday season is always so busy, isn’t it? I’ve been putting in a lot of hours recently. On the good news front, I have fun homeowners whose fairly large home remodels will keep me booked to Fall 2016.  Hooray! Unfortunately, that’s meant a bit of a break on the writing front, so let’s see what […]

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2015 Napa Valley Designer Showhouse: the Kitchen Edition

1935 Tudor Revival

Forgive me for being late in posting as Work has Eaten My Brain (No no, designers are rarely full of…hyperbole *cough*). I wanted to give you a glimpse into the Traditional Home 2015 Napa Valley “Revival on Rudolph Street” that I saw a few weeks ago as part of the sponsored collaboration with Zephyr.  Thanks […]

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