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How to be a successful designer

Don't worry, be happ--prepared. And avoid big red pencils

I’ve been remarking elsewhere on the Web this week that I’ve discovered the secret to winning projects. Can you guess? It’s not stunning talent (although that helps), or top-notch crew, or the best darn CAD programming ever. Gather ’round, new designers; are you ready? SHOW UP RETURN PHONE CALLS IF YOU PROMISE SOMETHING, DELIVER. If […]

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New Book: Kitchen Savvy

Kelly's Kitchen Savvy_ebook - small

For my first book, Kitchen Sync, I had a virtual book launch complete with Alfred, my virtual bartender. The book launch this time is a bit more understated. It’s been busy at work, I’ve got articles to write, editors to talk to, and about a million emails to respond to.  I need something a bit […]

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GE Monogram® debuts new French-door oven

GE Monogram French Door wall oven

One of the biggest hits I get on my blog is homeowners fascinated with Paula Deen’s French-door style oven on her cooking show.  I have had emails from folks wondering why it wasn’t available from their standard appliance manufacturers. Part of the reason is that this oven is anything but standard. Commercial ovens are generate […]

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The #1 item in kitchen cabinets

Custom drawers

This is a bit misleading, because it’s the #1 item that are must-have for my area of Northern California for the “homeowner-who-isn’t-planning-to-move-soon.”  If you are not seeing this in your area and you are a) a homeowner who is planning to live in your home for a long time and/or b) a contractor or home […]

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Two must-have items homeowners need in a successful remodel

Homeowners and Safety

After all these years, I’ve learned there are two key points that can make-or-break your chances of working with your homeowner of choice.  Is it your stellar craftsmanship? No, that comes later. Is it that you deliver what you promise? Sure, it’s a good portion of it but it’s still not it. Is it that […]

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New ideas for drawers

Salone - Leicht

I’ve been thinking lately of how much kitchen design has changed. At one time, we used to be glad simply to have drawers…any drawers. Now drawers must be full-extension with soft-close hardware. Dovetailed boxes are preferred (although let you in for a little secret: dovetails are a throwback when nails were scarce and the only […]

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