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Word of the Year: Patience

Kelly Morisseau

So this year started with a bang: lots of phone calls, lots of homeowners excited to get started. I was greeted right after New Year’s with a flurry of client emails that basically said, ‘It’s been a month since we talked last. What’s happening?” (Of course, totally forgetting that we had time off between Xmas […]

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Happy 2016 – Let’s get remodeling!

Homeowners and Safety

Welcome everyone! Glad to see you here. For all the new people that signed on over the past few months, glad to have you. I hope you’ll find something of interest here. I can’t believe it’s already 2016, but here we go. Since I have so many new readers, I thought I’d start with some […]

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What’s on your kitchen wishlist for 2016?

color 911

Holiday season is always so busy, isn’t it? I’ve been putting in a lot of hours recently. On the good news front, I have fun homeowners whose fairly large home remodels will keep me booked to Fall 2016.  Hooray! Unfortunately, that’s meant a bit of a break on the writing front, so let’s see what […]

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2015 Napa Valley Designer Showhouse: the Kitchen Edition

1935 Tudor Revival

Forgive me for being late in posting as Work has Eaten My Brain (No no, designers are rarely full of…hyperbole *cough*). I wanted to give you a glimpse into the Traditional Home 2015 Napa Valley “Revival on Rudolph Street” that I saw a few weeks ago as part of the sponsored collaboration with Zephyr.  Thanks […]

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Zephyr Blogger Retreat 2015

Zephyr San Francisco

It’s taken me a few days to recoup from my collaboration* with Zephyr last week for #ZephyrBloggerRetreat2015. I have to tell you — this is my backyard. It was completely fun to see some of the other attendees who hadn’t been to the Bay Area before. Zephyr pulled out all stops and it was fascinating […]

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Off to Zephyr

Zephyr SF Showroom

So I’ve happily accepted a sponsored* invitation from Zephyr for a San Francisco Blogger Retreat November 3rd – 6th. I specify Zephyr in my design work so I know the product fairly well and have discussed the line in 2014 and 2011: (Modern Hoods for Modern Kitchens, and Zephyr’s Hot New Hoods). For those of […]

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