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PSA: If you like curry…

By Sanjay Acharya - en-wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0,

(Note to subscribers: Missed the Wednesday deadline so here’s the pre-weekend edition. Happy weekend to you!) Do not select white or light-colored cabinets for your kitchen (or at least be forewarned!) If you’ve been following along on my Facebook page, you may have already seen this, but I thought I would expand on the subject […]

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600th Post!

HAPPY 600th

I was a bit startled to discover that this makes my 600th post since I started blogging.  If you’d told me back then that I’d one day write that many…well, I would have laughed, to be honest. In any case, I think it deserves a celebration — or at least an acknowledgement from me that […]

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Spring Design Inspiration

Pastel Picks

Happy spring! I thought we could all use a blast of color around this time of year. When Americans think of blues, yellows, mint, pink, the image that comes to mind first is that of a baby’s room. However, other countries embrace these colors as a way to brighten up the home.  When I was […]

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Checking under the Zephyr hood (fan)


Back last November, I attended a blog retreat with Zephyr hoods in San Francisco, where I was invited to see the latest in hood ventilation design, California design, and, course, Napa Valley and wine country. Since then, I haven’t had the opportunity to spec the very striking Lucé Wall and Island hoods with ICON Touch […]

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A blast from kitchens past: 1992

Kitchen Sync Blog (2)

For those of you wondering about “timeless kitchens”,  take a look at this kitchen I designed back in 1992. It isn’t the best photo as it was shot long before the days of cell phones AND it’s now a cell phone photo of a glossy paper photo, but hopefully it’s good enough for you to […]

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Budget vs. reality

Custom drawers

Lately, I’ve discovered that many of you have eyes bigger than your pocketbooks! *laughing* Typical conversation: Homeowner: “I only have xxx amount to spend. I want to redo my kitchen.” Me: “That sounds wonderful and yes, it’s do-able. Let me pull something together and give you the investment ranges.” Homeowner: “Oh, and we want to […]

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