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A day in the life….

Which of these things is NOT like the others?

What’s happened in the past week? A custom tile that needs to be done asap is delayed due to production delays. It should be blue. This is a challenge because the tile manufacturer thought they could fix it and spent too much time trying. Unfortunately now we’re going to be severely delayed. Grrr. We talked […]

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Five Design Questions with Contractor Sean Lintow, Sr.

Sean is a 3rd-generation contractor based in Illinois.  His blog, The HRTC, focuses on the remodeling side of our field.

Last week, contractor extraordinaire,  Sean Lintow Sr. of The HRTC (The Homeowner’s & Trades Resource Center) and I participated in a Google+ Hangout interview with hosts Mark and Theresa of MyFixItUpLife. When we finished, Sean and I realized we had more to say. I know. You’re shocked, right?  This is the results of our little […]

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What shouldn’t I ask a remodeler?

Mark and Theresa host a weekly home/lifestyle radio show called ‘MyFixitUpLife‘ where they talk with celebrities, bloggers, editors, experts, and trendsetters about hot topics in home and design.

Last week, Mark and Theresa of MyFixItUpLife asked me if I would participate in a Google+ Hangout on “What I shouldn’t ask a remodeler?” Then they dangled my contractor compatriot Sean Lintow Sr. of The HRTC (The Homeowner’s & Trades Resource Center) who mentioned my name in the first place and that pretty much sealed […]

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Answers: Spot the Kitchen Errors #10

Answers to spot the Kitchen Errors 10

Soooo, I meant to get this out yesterday but we had some excitement in this part of the world: a 6.0 earthquake centered in Napa Valley which is only 30 miles from me.  The news makes it look like everything around here is devastated but it isn’t true. There were pockets of serious damage, but […]

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Spot the Kitchen Errors #10

Spot the Kitchen Errors 10

It occurs to me that I’ve been sharing tips for about 6 years now. Sometimes I wonder if I sound like a broken record, “Read your specs! Double-check everything! Take your vitamins!”  Seems awfully….boring. *grin* Must be time for another Spot the Kitchen Errors #10… This should be easy for long-term readers. For those of […]

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3 design items I learned this week (that might help you)

Yes, this pretty much sums it up...

I apologize for the lack of updates lately. Work has been really busy this summer and from what I can see on the horizon, is only going to grow. This affects my writing…or at least my energy for writing. For those of you who have signed up to receive posts by email, Wednesday will be […]

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