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Two must-have items homeowners need in a successful remodel

Homeowners and Safety

After all these years, I’ve learned there are two key points that can make-or-break your chances of working with your homeowner of choice.  Is it your stellar craftsmanship? No, that comes later. Is it that you deliver what you promise? Sure, it’s a good portion of it but it’s still not it. Is it that […]

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New ideas for drawers

Salone - Leicht

I’ve been thinking lately of how much kitchen design has changed. At one time, we used to be glad simply to have drawers…any drawers. Now drawers must be full-extension with soft-close hardware. Dovetailed boxes are preferred (although let you in for a little secret: dovetails are a throwback when nails were scarce and the only […]

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A touch of blue

La Cornue - This is the Chateau 150 which is a bit larger than the one we'll design with, but look at that color!

Here’s some fun. A current project I’m working on will have a La Cornue range in blue.  I’d known about the bright blue for years, but check out the samples: So fun and such dramatic colors! La Cornue is a statement range, with all the other materials in supporting roles. The clients have been to […]

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European Luxury Bath Trends

4.8.14 Salone Idea Group (151)

I thought we could veer away from kitchens for a moment and talk about some of the trends I saw in EuroCucina as part of BLANCO’s Design Council. Get ready, because this is a photo-heavy post! FLOATING AND CURVES Bathrooms in European homes tend to be small. Quite small, as in hall closet small by […]

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EuroCucina: Cooking Trends that Sizzle

Smeg bird grills at EuroCucina

COOL AND SLEEK French range manufacturer La Cornue debuted two unique items at EuroCucina this year.  First off, this stunning display in white: Since that unit alone would take up most of the space in kitchens around here, I venture to say this one is for your mansion, castle or full-scale restaurant.  The lighting at […]

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European Luxury Sink Trends

Blanco separate sinks

Oh yes, I have much more to show you from Milan! When I’m talking some of these trends, keep  in mind that European kitchens simply aren’t as large as North American. I remember designing a kitchen in Paris that would be considered a coat closet here. As such, Europeans have created a lot of interesting […]

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