Remodeling over the holidays?

There's always been strong feedback to having parts of your home under construction during the holidays. Those in favor say it allows them to be guests and gets them out visiting. Those against say it's too much stress  during a time that is already filled with shopping and guest lists and deciding where to put the tree when the living room is closed off. 

A few decades ago, most people were solidly against remodeling during the holidays; in the past few years, I've noted a change of heart.

From my standpoint, it's a good time to consider a remodel:  it's easier to get the skilled trades, thereby shortening the timeline, and if a construction schedule isn't full, there's not as much coordination and job-hopping to make sure everything is correct. There's also enticements — there have been some great deals this year in home goods — everything from appliances to cabinets — that I haven't seen in earlier times. 

If you want your kitchen or bath for the holidays

Start designing by August at the latest, depending on the size of the project. Mid-September is my cut-off date for accepting project to be completed before Thanksgiving and end of September is for Christmas.

If you want to start just after the holidays

Remember there is the week-and-a-half between Christmas and New Year's where almost all manufacturers are closed.  I caution my clients to allow an extra two weeks to all their ordering times at this time of the year.

Avoid Murphy's Law and save yourself the stress.

There's some sort of cosmic law that goes into effect and it's triggered by this:

  • If you have a definitive date of when the project must be done ("And it all must be done by …") , something will happen to mess it up – delayed or broken products, sick or injured tradesmen, Kelly suffers from eyestrain and dsylexia and 46" becomes 64". Everything becomes a real struggle throughout the entire course.
  • If there isn't a timeline (other than the usual schedule), everything goes as smooth as silk. Everyone is jolly, items come on time, there are no installation issues, and any minor hiccup is solved within an hour or two.

*scratching head* I don't know what it is but if you're ever planning a remodel, keep that in mind. 


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