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Replacing cabinets in a tract home

So here’s an interesting tidbit from this week. By interesting, I mean painful as well as useful.

I redesigned a room where the client wanted to replace the cabinets but didn’t want to use custom cabinets. Once the cabinets were ordered, we had a challenge. The old cabinets were built in place in the home and there were no kick bases in one area — the doors and drawers extended down to the carpet.

Now,  I never thought to mention to the client that the new cabinets all have a kick base.

Example of a cabinet toekick

This elevated section prevents the door from rubbing against the carpet or floor….or your toes.

The home was a tract home, meaning an entire subdivision was built with cabinets that bore no resemblance to stock cabinet sizing. When the client and I met, she was upset to lose all the space.  Had I thought it would have been an issue,I would have brought it up. I certainly had all the drawings showing the new cabinets and we had a previous discussion about about keeping the costs down.

We’re both taking responsibility. She assumed the cabinets would be reinstalled as is; I assumed that she knew (based on previous projects I had worked on with her) that cabinets are built with a toe kick. We’ll be replacing the cabinets; she’ll pay for the custom charges to fabricate the cabinets with a minimal toekick.

And before you ask? This is a first in my career. Perhaps it might be useful for you.

Until next time,


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