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Spot the Kitchen Errors #10

It occurs to me that I’ve been sharing tips for about 6 years now. Sometimes I wonder if I sound like a broken record, “Read your specs! Double-check everything! Take your vitamins!”  Seems awfully….boring. *grin*

Must be time for another Spot the Kitchen Errors #10…

Spot the Kitchen Errors 10

This should be easy for long-term readers. For those of you just joining, the goal is to discover design errors that:

a) affect function and hinder traffic flow

b) don’t follow design rules of scale and proportion

c) weren’t thought through.

d) we discuss amongst ourselves why we like or don’t like something, just because.

In this latest round, I spy 3 in the first category,  2 or 3 in the second, 2 in the third, and eleventy-billion for the fourth section.* Because everyone has their own opinions.

Leave your thoughts in the comments.

Until next time,





*I may or may not have exaggerated slightly.

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  1. Pretty much what everyone else says, plus:
    – I like white kitchens, but the panelling on the doors, and the fiddly dentil work for cornicing, both look particularly irksome to keep clean. Hence, perhaps, the faux aged (= faux grubby) finish?
    – the range hood looks like it might be too high. Maybe they’re tall people though?
    – I wouldn’t have a pendant light over the kitchen table, as it’s bound to crack someone on the head when the table is moved for parties, etc.
    – It wouldn’t bother me not to have pendants over the island, assuming the overhead lighting was otherwise sufficient.
    – I don’t like staggered heights across the top of the cabinets – it achieves nothing, neither architecturally nor aesthetically, and always looks contrived.
    – Perhaps the fridge is close to the eating area and the ovens because this is a family that doesn’t prep food from scratch, but simply takes boxes from the fridge to the stove to the table? 😉
    – What’s the vent in the ceiling over the sink?
    – It’ll be very awkward to open those double-hung windows over the counter, but maybe this is a retrofit? Windows are very expensive to replace.
    – The upper cabinets are too low, which would make working there well nigh impossible.

    • I’d wondered if they’re tall, too – the height of the cabinets would still be easily accessible to my family, since we’re all over 5’10”. But if they’re tall, then the pendant light over the table that you pointed out is even more problematic. Anyone tall enough to reach some of these cabinets comfortably would hit their head on the pendant every time they lean over the table.

  2. The biggest thing has already been pointed out … refrigerator placed adjacent to the ovens is craziness.

    Why so many fake plants in the kitchen??

  3. Carol in Denver says:

    The vertical plate drying rack so far away from the sink doesn’t make sense. The contents of the cabinet above it can be retrieved only by climbing on the countertop. The island should have pendant lights hanging over it.

  4. Lynn Purse says:

    Hmm, the frig seems awfully far away from the sink – much of what I take from the frig goes straight to the sink for prep. Also, since the frig is used far more times a day than an oven, it should at least be swapped in position with the oven, if not moved altogether.

    Proportionally, I hate the uneven upper cabinets to either side of the cooktop. Both are shorter to line up to the top of the vent hood but don’t actually quite line up, then look unbalanced because the left cabinet door is a single and the right is a double. The corner bothers me too; the lower cabinet wraps around the corner but the upper cabinet goes to the wall, which seems at odds with each other. I would imagine that the dishes in the top cabinet dish rack closer to the wall are hard to reach. Finally, the middle support post in the island limits the seating and the two big stools seem out of proportion to the rest of the elements.

    And just because, I don’t like white kitchens – I think they are a way to avoid choosing a look that combines complex elements in an interesting way. I prefer the warmth of wood and the color/texture opportunities that wood cabinets offer, so aesthetically, nothing appeals to me in this design.

  5. Looks to me like the homeowner’s going to need to crawl to get to that storage in the island.

  6. Cyra DUQUELLA says:

    Dish storage a million miles away from the dishwasher.

  7. – I agree it makes no sense to put the fridge next to the ovens.
    – There is no landing space near the fridge…unless you count the table and chairs that might get in the way when opening the fridge door.
    – There is also not much landing space near the ovens, and what there is might intersect with the range’s sphere.
    – The upper cabinets near the range all look out of sync: the sizes are not right with the rest of the bank, and unbalanced with respect to each other.
    – There is one lonely glass-door cabinet stuck in a corner with no friends.
    – That is the wrong range hood style for these cabinets.
    – The handles on those cabinets left of the fridge are much too high up.
    – I don’t think the backsplash tile is the right colour given the flooring and cabinet finish. Possibly the wrong countertop colour too. (Or perhaps my monitor is doing horrid things to neutrals again.)

  8. Will I be the first one to note that the refrigerator should not be next to the ovens? That one really boggles my mind. Did these home owners actually pay a kitchen designer for that kind of layout?


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