Steampunk Sunday: “Spooky Hallowe’en Homes” Edition


So deliciously creepy!The house from Alfred Hitchcock’s “Psycho” (via IMDb)

Some spooky goodness for our steampunk homes today!

Long a darling of horror films everywhere, the homes you see in early horror films have long been mislabeled as Gothic (gothic horror as a genre started in the mid-1700s). This style, with a tower or cupola, and the distinctive flat roofs, are known as  “Second Empire”  or “Mansard”. It’s sometimes also referred to as Napolean III style and reached its peak around 1855 or 1865 to 1880. They fit in fine for a steampunk-inspired home, don’t they?

Buffalo girls, won't you come out tonight...?Even in feel-good movies: the house from Frank Capra’s “It’s a Wonderful Life”

If we were designing a steampunk home, here’s what we can take away for our own:

  • arched second story windows
  • the flat roof with the ironwork – sometimes called a “widow’s walk” because it was supposedly a place for wives of sea captains and sailors to watch as the men sailed off to sea.
  • a cupola or tower – can anyone say “library”?
  • slate roof
  • brackets beneath the eaves
  • there’s got to be a hidden room in here somewhere, doesn’t there?

So Cute. Not sure if I like the restaurant style enclosed porch though Second Empire home in Belleville, Ontario (via Ontario Architecture)


I'd love to see what the room looks like in the top of the tower. Wouldn't you?Heck-Andrews House, Raleigh, NC (via the Nat’l Park Service)

We've come full-circle back to the Bates Psycho mansion, haven't we? Phantom Manor or “la maison hantée” at Disneyland Paris (via Wikipedia )

If you’d like to see more, have a wander over to “The Old Haunted House” for a series of photos. (Check out House #5 – love the window in the roofline of the tower.) Or Google images for Second Empire homes. There are some beauties everywhere.

Have a happy (and safe) Hallowe’en!

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