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Tech in the kitchen

The challenge that we face, both as homeowners and designers, is a place for our tablets, pads, and phones. Where do we charge them? Where do we store them? How do we charge them without leaving a cord octopus in a tangled mess on the counter or in a drawer?

Well, looky what I found at the recent KBIS/IBS show.


Legrand is a world-wide company with systems for electrical installations and information networks, was at the recent KBIS/IBS show to tempt us with their adorne® lighting system.  If you’re wondering what that means, think of a beefed-up angled power strip with snap-in options for under cabinet lighting, outlet space, and of course, chargers for tablets and phones.  Best of all, positioned where you want them.

Legrand Adorne Undercabinet Lighting System

Legrand Adorne Undercabinet Lighting System

If the Legrand name sounds familiar,  you might remember them as the makers of the  cool Pop-out multi-receptacle that was all over the design blogs a few years ago:

Multiple receptacles hidden in a pop-out system.

Multiple receptacles when you need them, and hidden when you don’t.

Anyway, back to the lighting system. See the two boxes at either end of the strip? Those are speakers, my friends. Set your phone on the optional mounting, and voila, music. The lighting system has either single lights or LED strip lights (3000k). Also note the USB ports for charging items as well.

Legrand Adorne Undercabinet Lighting System

The adorne representative showing us how the outlets are removed.

This system has been out for about a year, but is the first time I had a chance to see it in the wild, so to speak. As can be expected, it isn’t inexpensive. However, if you’re spending five to six figures for a kitchen, this is one of the items that you might find worth it.

See the full effect here:

Is it something you could see in your kitchen?

Until next time,




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