Tile Trends: Glass, Glass, Glass

Colors, shapes and textures weren’t forgotten this year as both small and large companies showed off their finery at Coverings last week.

Glass, stainless steel, and mosaics are still here to stay, morphing into incredible shapes and 3-dimensional textures. 

Sizes: 2x2, 3x12, 2x6, 4x4Murano Glass Collection from Elida Ceramica/Surfaces 

IMG_2113Bright colors from Viva Ceramica

 There are deliberate ridges in the marble to give the appearance of an old world look. Vitromarmi: Glass and stone intricacy from Artistic Tile

Sicis glass flooring  Cosmati black glass floor: 13th-century inspiration from Sicis 

imageRecycled black glass tile from Vidrepur – rated for flooring

The stunner of the show (and in which I set off a flurry of questions in my Twitter stream that went along the lines of “Where can I get THAT?!?” was from Hirsch Glass – a prototype of a 3-dimensional glass tile that put me in mind of fish scales.

Unfortunately, it’s only a prototype at this point, but we can at least look, can’t we?

Hirsch glass - this was displayed on the outside of the booth to lure convention goers inside. It worked.

Hirsch Glass color boards


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  1. I am!

  2. Yes,I agree. It was even more striking in real life, and could be gorgeous in the right setting. Residential? Maybe. Commerical? Definitely!
    I’ve been all about striking wall treatments in foyers lately, so with the right lighting, it could be a conversation piece, that’s for sure!

  3. are you still using softplan?

  4. Ooh, dragon! Good one – we could add a little detail to the fireplace… *grin*

  5. OKMrazor says:

    Agreed. Awesome. Doesn’t have a significant place in my house, but perhaps a small space for it.
    Too much of that and it could look waaay overdone.
    In the right hands – which aren’t mine – I bet it could sing. I’m thinking just a rhythm performance though, rather than the main act.

  6. I think of a dragon when I see the scales, it’s awesome but that definitely doesn’t have a place in my house :-(