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We have a Zephyr hood winner!

I asked you all to pick your favorite Zephyr hood fan. if you were picked as a winner. I would have thought there would have been a general consensus on which hood was the most favorite, but no — you were all over the board with your picks.

This morning, I put all the entries into a bowl and picked one. Our lucky winner is:

*** Kimberly Flannery Hennen ***

Zephyr Monsoon hood

I’m such a designer — I had to match the name color to the readout on the fan.

Congratulations, Ms. Hennen! You selected the Monsoon DCBL OCL one-piece liner.

This is a powerful hood liner, ladies and gentlemen, meant to fit inside a custom hood, but it’s also quiet: 715-CFM motor @ 5.8 sones at the highest speed. This is the equivalent of a civilized family discussion around the table. (Well, certain families — I think mine would be more 10-15 sones.)

It comes with the RF remote, so there’s no need for us vertically-challenged folks to stretch! (OK, fine. You can bring it to the nook, leave the hood running if you’re cooking something spicy, and turn the hood off without leaving your seat or interrupting your meal.)

I’ll be reaching out to the winner for details.

Thanks very much for playing along!

Until next time,


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